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In an official release, the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU)’s governing council urged Kyiv to hurry up with its long-awaited regulation, urging the executive to “accelerate the preparation of legislation to regulate the cryptoasset market and transactions conducted using [cryptoassets].”

The bank justified its call, stating that legislation would help “minimize risks” and promote “macro-financial stability” in matters pertaining to “the proliferation of transactions involving cryptoassets.”

It also instructed the bank’s board to “analyze the impact of cryptoassets transactions on central banks.”

In particular, the council stated that the board should look into the effect crypto could have on monetary policy, financial stability policy, payment technology development, and new regulatory practices – which it termed regtech, in addition to other matters. The board was given until December 1 this year to report back with its findings.

The NBU has grown increasingly keen on the idea of introducing regulation to the sector, and draft legislation has put the central bank forward as one of the bodies that could be involved with policing the industry.

It has previously claimed that the “legalization” of crypto would help provide legal protection to the customers of crypto exchanges and other crypto-related businesses.

Earlier this year, the head of the police’s cybercrime unit also called for crypto to be legalized – claiming that crypto is now being used in almost all forms of crime.

The government, meanwhile, has pursued a cautiously pro-crypto stance. The nation’s finance minister called crypto “promising” back in March, while efforts to provide crypto miners with surplus nuclear power are ongoing at the nation’s high-capacity nuclear power plants.

ウクライナ国立銀行(NBU)の統治評議会は、公式リリースの中で、キエフに待望の規制を急ぐよう促し、行政機関に “暗号化資産市場と[暗号化資産]を使用して行われる取引を規制するための法律の準備を加速する “よう求めた。

銀行はこの呼びかけを正当化し、立法は “暗号化資産を使った取引の普及 “に関連して、”リスクの最小化 “と “マクロ金融の安定 “を促進するのに役立つと述べている。

また、銀行の理事会に対し、”クリプトアセット取引が中央銀行に与える影響を分析する “よう指示しました。





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